§  Name: Benio/k

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§  Series: Zone-00

§  Timeline: Post-Chapter 16, after fighting Renji. 

§  Species: Yatagarasu

§   Sex: Male--though looks, smells, and will act female 

§  Age: Over 250, looks around 14

§   Height: 5'1"

§   Hair: Champagne-gold

§   Eyes: Bright gold

§  Star Sign: Virgo

§  Sexual Orientation: homosexual


 Distinguishing marks: Front tattoos and scarsBack tattoos. Has gold wings as Benio and red wings as Kisshou. Eyes are always dilated from usage--pupils are slit horizontally as Kisshou.

Clothing/accessories: Dresses only in girls’ clothes, dresses, mini-shorts, tank tops, etc, and hair is normally done up in cute ways. As Kisshou, the clothes range a bit more towards "decadent," and the S&M side of things--straps, collars, bindings, and little else. 

  • Hair: as was his father's branch, are a beautiful champagne color. Are long and slightly moved towards the tips, keep them always in a ponytail on the right side.</li></li>
  • Eyes: Large and shiny, as are golden hair. Surrounded by long, thick lashes dark blonde, have a look sweet but at the same time mischievous</li></li>
  • Weight: 40 kg, is so light that the wind could take it away.</li></li>
  • Height: 155 cm. Let's say that the height is not his forte but he has the shoes with heel 20 which is to change his mind.</li>

    Distinguishing features: has a mole on the left side below the mouth.

    It has a cute little body and female (except well ... you understand XD)

    Unfortunately has scars around his legs and belly due to a bad accident when he was 11 years old.

    He has a tattoo of a bird on the right thigh, one in the form of a red star on his lower belly and two small wings on his back (he loves tattoos XD). She has a pierced tongue.

    We can define it in disguise, but unlike his brother Benten which has a pronounced manhood, he is just hopeless


    Benio is a carefree boy, often with the head in the clouds who loves to have fun. It looks like a typical little sister all sweet and pretty, but Benio is not just a cute little angel, indeed it is not at all: it is perverse in his deep, lustful and ... a real slut! ().

    He always had the desire for male bodies and to be taken by force ... no, being raped by a stranger no, but if someone wants to go to bed with violent sex. Which makes me laugh because it is still a virgin.

    Usually this manifests her in the evening, as the house would be a little 'difficult, but it never prompted to ask the first person who comes to take him in bed.

    Benio can be said to have a mildly split personality but that’s not altogether accurate. Benio normally can be seen as a cheerful and innocent to the point of most people wanting to squeeze him from cuteness--or be seduced by his form and clothing choices. Basically Benio is a mostly polite, slightly spoiled child with an extreme brother-complex on Bishamon who saved him and takes care of him. On Benten, Benio at worst can be seen as dismissive. Benten is the brother who left by exile and lives amongst humans (which, despite seemingly adoring humans as a child, after their attempted devouring of Benio, he harbors a severe distrust and prejudice of all of them) and lesser demonic entities--though Benio also claims to be worried for Benten and uses that as an excuse to check on him and give him Bishamon’s message. Benio wouldn’t go out of his way to hurt Benten, but he wouldn’t do that to help him either. And only would do either in force if Bishamon suggested it. ''

    Kisshou is the name Benio chose for himself as his alter ego--not an actual separate persona but something taken on to separate his current self, who Bishamon saved, from the weak and helpless Benio from the time before. Kisshou is both the same as Benio and drastically different--where Beni is shy with his flirting, Kisshou is outrageously blatant; where Beni can be seen as a charming ditz, Kisshou is discerning to a severe degree. Bishamon taught Benio much about the world and the people within it, and when stated as Kisshou, Benio retains all of what he was taught to an alarming degree of clarity. Benio is cutely assertive; Kisshou is aggressive and coy both, and shows a severe liking for masochistic tendencies and near-sociopathic violence. As Kisshou, Benio is an aggressive flirt, and is perfectly willing to offer his body up to achieve his goals. 

    A few added points on Benio. As Kisshou, mainly, Beni speaks in third person, referring to Benio as a sad thing that was weak. Benio also, and obviously, dresses and acts fully as female to the point in which, as stated above, it’s impossible to tell he’s male unless he’s naked. Moving onto the stranger aspects of Zone-00, Beni, sexually ambiguity aside, is at the very least, definitely not interested in using his own… equipment. It’s stated that he’s thought of cutting it off from the lack of use, which from that and his own actions, places him as a very aggressive bottom. He doesn’t seem at all interested in females, and relishes male attention. 

    Basically, in general, Benio is a cute, seductive little thing who might just flip and go crazy.  'And, also, that chick is a dude.'


    Benio is the last of the three brothers (Bishamon (Akio), Benten (Kikuo), and Benio (later Kisshou)), and after he was born, he was given to a family of humans to raise. They loved him and spoiled him endlessly, giving him presents and treats and doting on him entirely. This continued until it was revealed that he was a Yatagarasu, and his wings were exposed one night. There was a myth in the humans’ village, that if you ate the flesh of a tengu, of which the Yatagarasu were part of, that you would gain immortality. The ones that had loved and cared for him carved him up and consumed him--cutting off his wings, legs, and eating some of his organs.

    He was rescued by Bishamon, who fed him Zone-00 (it has the ability to regenerate when consumed) and fixed him the best he could. The scars of that remained, however, and Benio sports ragged scars along his torso where he was dissected as well as high on his thighs under his hips. 

    From then on, he maintained a severe love for Bishamon and would do whatever he asked. This moved up to the present day, two hundred and fifty years after the attempted devouring, where he moved to be a messenger for Bishamon to Benten, asking him to come home. Along the way, he was mistaken for female multiple times, which he helped with, and was “poisoned,” by way of drinking an anti-Zone-00 drought. One of the other characters, Renji, caught up with him, and once his allegiance and purpose was found out, the two began to fight--in the process, Benio becoming mortally injured, which only caused him to regenerate, and then take a handful of Zone-00, shifting him to devil-mode. 

    He continued to fight Renji and his friend who showed up for a while, then let some lackeys take care of them as he went to go after the two other’s precious people--which, of course, had them chasing after him again. Renji caught up to Benio and by way of french kissing, took the Zone-00 Benio had just taken from his mouth to use it himself. Visibly and extremely affected by that, Benio advertently allowed Renji’s regeneration to take place, and then pushed Renji on the subject of his wish for death and the want for someone close to carry it out--something that Renji and Benio shared. 

    The English translation of Zone-00 ends with Benio mocking the others about what will happen next, but from the scans of the subsequent volumes, Benio is the one that ends up losing the fight, and is collected by Bishamon and taken back home.

    powers, skills, pets and equipment: 

    Benio is a Yatagarasu, a three legged monster bird, and can influence the winds and control them through weapons. He also can grow an angelic pair of golden wings, as well as transform into a golden three legged crow. Where his brother Benten uses a fan to control the wind, Benio focuses on sound waves and uses a few “magical girl” looking weapons to affect them. A bell (for explosive attacks), a cupid-looking crossbow (for long distance), and a pair of handheld bladed loops (for hand to hand) are his weapons of choice. Only one is shown to be used at a time, which could mean they’re all the same weapon but transformed, which would fit the magical girl theme.

    His clothes and accessories tend towards what’s canonly described as “decadent,” which is a nice way of saying a bit slutty. He dresses only in girls’ clothes, dresses, mini-shorts, tank tops, etc, and his hair is normal done up in cute ways. As his “alter-ego,” the clothes range a bit more towards the S&M side of things--straps, collars, bindings, and little else. As well to that--he’s unable to be told apart from females other than by stripping. It’s stated outright that his bodily “scent” is feminine. 

    The alter-ego mentioned above is actually only a shift known as devil-mode. Benio is an extreme addict to Zone-00, which, in exchange for allowing him to exist as he is and, when overdosing, become very strong, give the user the worst nightmares that’s possible to have--leading to some users to struggle to not sleep while it wears out of their system. While overdosed on it, Beni’s wings turn red, he grows a demonic tail, and his pupils become horizontally slit like a goat’s. This usually only happens when he’s overwhelmed--otherwise he maintains his normal state. An added attribute of being addicted so severely to Zone-00 is that Benio regenerates at an extreme rate, within moments, including dismembered limbs. The only hint at killing him is mentioned through taking out his heart--something his eldest brother foresaw and moved Benio’s heart to the opposite side of his chest. 

    Benio will be coming in with a supply of Zone-00, but as he consumes them like medicine and candy combined, he'll have to get a new supply every month, as he literally can’t exist without it.


    §  Passions & Hobbies: shopping, sing karaoke with friends, cause Benten, imagine a sex life, stay close to a guy, Tsuki, only to see him embarrassed and annoyed and play at being a girl.

    §  He loves: his older brother, Benten, men, nap, tease, and result in other instincts very shady (we must not become vulgar XD). When you meet her, adore the girl of Benten, Atsuko.

    §  Dislikes: Benten (it's a love-hate relationship)

    §  Favorite animal: kittens

    §  Favorite color: red

    §  Favourite alcoholic drink: Sparkling wine or other alcoholic beverages and desserts frizzantini

    §  Favorite non-alcoholic drink: iced tea with lemon

    §  Favorite food: sweets, especially cupcakes.

    §  Food hated coconut. you are allergic

    §  Favorite Quote: Onii-san!

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